Opera Version 69.0.3686.49 Free

A likeable and subversive browser which surprises with its speed and which supports all of Google Chrome's plugins

Opera Browser is the most original way to surf the web without giving up the browsing experience.
While Netscape was born, was at death's door, and was buried and put to eternal rest. While Internet Explorer has conquered, fallen asleep, and got stung. While Google Chrome showed up, turned into the most popular kid on the block, and suddenly you can't be that guy that had had Chrome installed while all of his friends were stuck in the past… in that time, Opera Browser, has remained being the secondary browser. The leading trio of recent years (Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer) holds over 90% of the market, but 1%-3% of users remain faithful to the European browser, Opera. Throughout the years, Opera has nearly always offered likeable features, sometimes even ahead of the rest of the market, such as plugin support, or large Direct Dial buttons that enable users to quickly browse to the major websites.
Nowadays, Opera is based on the same technology as does its competitor Google Chrome (webkit), which enables users to install plugins that are designed for Chrome. It also ensures a speedy and stable experience, as well as compliance with most recent security standards.
There's no doubt that Opera is a great browser, it may be somewhat unknown to most users (unless you're browsing from Russia or from a number of few other countries in which it's popular), but once you've installed it, you're bound to be pleased with it and the browsing experience it offers.
Users come first